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A Little About Us

Hi there! I'm Alexa and I'm the owner and operator of Uplift. I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner in Denver, CO. Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old holistic health modality that focuses on preventative maintenance in diet, lifestyle, and self-care. The brilliance of Ayurveda is that it is a wholly individualized wellness tradition; it is all about you—your unique strengths and vulnerabilities, and your personal path toward healing. My journey in Ayurveda and my personal path towards healing started when I was living and working in Thailand; to hear more of my story come visit me at:

Amy Lynn, the founder and creator of Uplift, started this box with a passion for helping people, which is a strong value I hold as well. I love the subscription box concept for its simplicity and convenience.  I can fill a sweet little box with meaningful things that will help you build rituals for self-care and hopefully introduce you to your best self.

We have carefully chosen some of our favorite creators, purveyors, healers and teachers across the US and mostly here in the Boulder-Denver area to handcraft products and practices for your well-being. As we build our blog, you will find stories about our vendors and their products, philosophies and training  that led to the items you'll find in your box.  

If you want to get in touch, please email Alexa at 

Or leave us a message at (530) 448-7538.