to the Uplift Box - Faq

Frequently Asked Questions


If you would like to learn more about the products shipped in Uplift boxes, please connect with us on Facebook and Instagram and visit our blog!

If you want to get in touch, please email Amy at 

How much is shipping?

For subscribers? Shipping in the US is always included! For one-time purchases, shipping in the US is $4 flat rate through the USPS. 

We are just starting to get some international interest and we are adding countries as needed. Please email Amy - to inquire about your country if you don't see it as an option on the shipping page. 

When will the box arrive? 

We generally ship the box between the 20th-22nd of every month from Colorado. It typically arrives in 1-4 days from the ship date. You will receive an email notification when it ships that will include your USPS tracking number. 

What's inside the box?

Every month we send you several wellness products along with a small deck of  wellbeing cards and one philanthropy action for your consideration. The products are locally and responsibly sourced and organic when possible. Often they are hand-crafted by herbalists and artisans in the Boulder Valley of Colorado. 

The Uplift box is not set up to be a discount subscription box. Rather, it is a meaningful box carefully and professionally curated and packaged to support your self-care. Each box is aligned with the seasons and the ever-shifting cosmic energies at play during the month when the box is shipped. 

What is the deal with subscription boxes?

Subscribing to curated boxes provides a unique and personal experience for you, and a more sustainable business model for a small business and the many artisans who create products for the box. If you want to just buy one box, that's okay too, and you can do that in our shop

What is the difference between the regular box and the Uplift Mini? 

The regular Uplift box generally includes several products, while the Uplift Mini includes usually just one or maybe two. Both boxes always ship with the well-being deck and the philanthropy action also included, and they ship at the same time.

How can I get in touch with you?

If you'd like customer support please email us at or leave a voice mail at 773.746.7429. We are a tiny business, and will do our best to get back to you as soon as humanly possible!

When do I pay?

If you are subscribed, then we will deduct your payment amount on the 3rd of every month. If you are ordering as a one-time thing, you pay when you place the order  online. Either way, we only have one ship date. As long as you pay by the 17th of the month, you will receive that month's box. If you pay on the 18th or later, you will receive the next month's box.

Where do you get your products?

We are especially thoughtful and responsible in our product procurement process. 
For our herbal and essential oil products we are working closely with Rhizome Apothecary, a boutique herbal shop in Denver's Sunnyside neighborhood. Rhizome happily creates custom products for Uplift based on our monthly themes and the remedies that we find to be effective and helpful. We have also featured some beloved vendors recently, including Mountain Apotheca, Sincerely Different, Blooming Lotus Energy Works and Jen Lisea Art, to name a few.
Our registered yoga teacher who provides our monthly yoga poses in the micro-action deck is Caitlin Rose Kenney, founder of the free yoga podcast, Yoga Sesh, and a beloved teacher in the Boulder and Denver communities. 
Jen Marshall, founder of Be Balanced Healing, is a certified nutritional therapist in Louisville, CO and she provides monthly nutrition information.
Amy Lynn, the founder of Uplift, is a board certified art therapist and energy healer at her own practice, Root Wellness Studio, in Boulder, CO and she lovingly draws by hand the coloring cards, and  also creates the meditations, intentions, rituals, and gratitude prompts found in each box. And sometimes Amy uses her creative skills to  make products in her own kitchen or art studio!

What if I want to order more products that I received in the box?

If you would like to order more products we are happy to help you find what you need. Our vendors create the products specially for our boxes. Please contact Amy or call us at 773.746.7429 to request the products you are interested in. We will let you know the price and timeline in an email exchange. If you love your Rhizome Apothecary product, you can also check out their online store! We are working toward our one online store. 

Can I order a past box, or past products?

Yes! That is, if we still have any in stock! We are often sold out of our monthly box! But we do sometimes have some individual products from the box. Just email Amy or call us at 773.746.7429 with information about the products and the quantity you're interested in and we will ship it to you after processing. Eventually we will have a shop where you'll be able to order products we offer all the time.

How does it work to give this box as a gift?

Sign up for a one-time box or a recurring subscription for as many months as you'd like (including monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly subscriptions) and when you are checking out you can designate a different name and address for shipping with an option to tag it as a gift box and add a personalized note. 
If you are a current customer, you can also log into your Crate Joy account and add a gift recipient to your account that way.

What if I want to support the monthly philanthropy project with an additional donation or gift?

Please do! We can guide you through the donor process or you can follow the giving instructions mailed with your box each month. When you send your gift, be sure to let them know you are part of the Uplift community so we can track all of the meaningful ways we are supporting the greater good. One of our favorite things about our company is the generosity of our customers! 

What do I do with the deck of coloring cards?

Your box will arrive with a handcrafted deck of well-being cards that double as relaxing coloring cards on one side with quotes or intentions on the other. We include some basic instructions in the box, and we will often include more in-depth ideas micro-actions and ways to be inspired by the cards on our blog, social media and in our monthly newsletter.

The coloring cards are great for de-stressing and relaxing. Gel pens or colored pencils make great coloring tools to add your own touch to these hand drawn pieces of artwork. The act of coloring in a small space soothes the nervous system and acts as a mindfulness tool.